Transnational Mass Torts Litigation

LegalAbroad is compromised with an international approach to legal issues: among its founders there are members who belong to different transnational organizations, such as GJN, Peopil, AAJ, APIL and others.

There are single torts and tragedies that result in injury to many victims, and therefore involve multiple jurisdictions and numerous plaintiffs entitled to sue one defendant or several defendants:

  • consumer product claims;
  • pharmaceutical claims;
  • aviation, railway and maritime disasters;
  • workplace disasters in countries where multinational companies delocalize their productions;
  • mass intoxication and poisoning (contamination of water, air and food);
  • mass disasters (floods, fires, collapse of buildings).

In such cases victims and/or defendants may belong to various countries and the protection of plaintiffs’ rights require extensive knowledge of several national legal systems as well as financial support by a larger group of lawyers. Whenever such complex cases involve multiple jurisdictions LegalAbroad law firms deal with them through the Global Justice Network, a network of international claimant counsel providing access to lawyers in 100 law firms in 44 countries around the globe.

GJN members have extensive experience in the representation of victims of mass torts occurring across the globe, having successfully represented large numbers of victims in cases against pharmaceutical multinational corporations, manufacturers of medical device and of aircraft components.

GJN can assist law firms and victims by:

  • identifying claims situations that cross national boundaries and present complex legal issues that require specialist advice;
  • investigating and analysing claims situations with a view to providing meaningful assistance to those who seek justice;
  • assisting claimants in securing representation on terms that are tailored to their needs;
  • managing the claim process through to its conclusion;
  • establishing the means and furthering the expertise to respond rapidly to catastrophic claim situations globally.

Within GJN we have been working together to protect victims and to promote justice since 2005. To learn more about this transnational network please visit