Road Traffic Accidents

In a globalized and increasingly united European Union, travel by car or bus from one country to another has become one of the preferred transportation options.

France, Greece, Italy and Spain are some of the most visited countries by British citizens as well as other foreign residents from all over the world. Millions of road trips are taken every year, and some end in unfortunate accidents.

When an accident happens abroad, the victim’s case is very often directly or indirectly referred to a Law Firm based in his home country.

However, the protection of this victim’s rights will need the support of specialized lawyers based in the country where the accident occurred.

Compensation for damages will require first an assessment of liability, which starts with an indispensable access to evidence. Knowledge of local proceedings where the accident happened is critical to properly secure the rights of the victim or his estate.

Court investigations, District Attorney investigations, Road Police inquest, clinical and medical evidence, advice about local law, evaluation of damages, protection of claiming rights, etc., are some of the key elements of which the Legal Counsel of the victim or his relatives might need external assistance.

LegalAbroad can swiftly provide this support in any of the countries in which we directly deploy our activities. But we can also help to find the appropriate counsel in other States not directly covered by LegalAbroad. Legal Abroad Law Firms participate in international professional networks dedicated to personal injury litigation.