Sports Accidents

The countries where LegalAbroad members operate are perfect locations to practice athletic or recreational sport activities.

In our countries millions of tourists engage in sports each year at sea, in the mountains or countryside, during summer or by practicing winter sports.

Unfortunately, many of these tourists and sport lovers are injured in the course of their sport pursuits while playing or watching sport.

Sometimes these victims may bring proceedings in their own country of residence against tour operators, but this is not always the case or it might be possible to have access to higher awards in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred.

LegalAbroad provides the following services for the benefit of these unfortunate tourists:

  • Collecting evidence and carrying out inspections of the accident’s site (law firms should involve our services at the earliest convenience)
  • Dealing with local authorities and bodies involved in criminal investigations
  • Assisting and representing clients in negotiations and court proceedings whenever their claims are brought in our jurisdictions
  • Advice on our domestic laws