Transnational Mass Torts Litigation

In our globalized world, products parts are manufactured in one country, assembled in a second country, packed up in a third country and distributed in a fourth country to many other countries.

The European Union has a unified system of liability for product liability. However, because this was initially developed through a Directive in 1985 later transposed into domestic law by each State member, different local particularities and differences can be found in the liability regimes from one country to another.

Whether it is a washing machine, a car or an aircraft, almost all human manufactured devices can potentially cause harm to consumers, users and/or bystanders.

The internationalization of the manufacturing process opens different jurisdiction and choice of law avenues, which need to be explored by the victim or his legal counsel. Whether it is the so-called “Rome 2” regulation or the 1973 Hague Convention, complex choice-of-law analysis might be required in order to optimize the compensation rights of the victim. Legal Abroad members are well versed in this exercise for their clients, and offer this legal expertise as a combined global experience.