Workplace Accidents
and Work-related Illnesses

Working in a foreign country for a limited or long-term period of time is increasingly common. France, Spain, Italy and Greece host more and more foreign professionals and workers, among others in the health, construction, maritime industries, but also increasingly in the tourism and holidays sector.

Inevitably accidents happen at workplaces causing injuries, disabilities and sometimes death, which may entitle the victims and/or their families and/or their home-country employers to claim compensation for their deriving damages.

Similarly work-related illnesses, life endangering situations or damage to health may be induced by exposure to factors at or related to the work place and environment, such as asbestos, toxic substances, dangerous viruses, excessive noise, extreme temperature conditions etc., psychological damage not to be excluded, that can be caused by excessively stressing work conditions.

Unless the victim’s employment contract provides differently or the case falls under specific rules, it will, in most of these cases, be the workplace’s domestic labor and conflict of laws rules that will apply to the claims of the victims. Even where European or International treaties and regulations apply, local law issues will always arise and it will be the work place’s domestic courts that will in an overwhelming number of cases have jurisdiction over claims for damages. The victims and/or their families and/or employers will need to seek advice and legal support in the country where the incident at work giving rise to the damage took place, directly or through their locally appointed lawyers.

LegalAbroad provides expert legal support in such matters, both undertaking to pursue the claim in the workplace jurisdiction or advising and providing legal opinions on substantial and procedural local law, health and safety regulations, international treaties and rules that may apply, evaluation of damages and provide experts’ services if required.

Furthermore, LegalAbroad can assist in the representation of the victim or his family or the victim’s employer in criminal and administrative investigations and proceedings that may be initiated ex officio by the local authorities in relation to the incident.

LegalAbroad members can also deal with matters concerning employment contracts and law in our jurisdictions.