Advices on European Union
& ECHR Law

Extensive and updated knowledge of European Law is becoming progressively more important also in the area of personal injury and insurance litigation due to the number of regulations and directives directly concerning this field.

Judgments from the E.U. Court of Justice and the European Court on Human Rights now play a relevant role in relation to a wide range of issues: jurisdiction, applicable law, victims’ rights, recoverable damages, insurance policies, limitation periods, access to justice, etc. interpretation and application of European law may be a key factor in daily litigation.

LegalAbroad members are particularly skilled in European Union and ECHR laws. Accordingly we provide following services:

  • Advice and reports on European Union law and case-law
  • Advice and reports on ECHR case-law
  • Assistance in dealing with the ‘preliminary ruling procedure’ before the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Assistance in bringing proceedings before the European Court on Human Rights
  • Advice on claims against Member States for breaches of European Union law

Our reports are delivered in English language.