Stopping limitation periods

It is often decided by the victim of a harmful incident that took place abroad and caused damage to pursue litigation and judicial proceedings in relation to his claims in his home country, for reason of convenience and trust to his domestic legal system and lawyers or because it is decided that the claimant’s domestic rules and legal system ensure a better outcome.

In this context it is not unusual that an opportunity for settlement of the claim before or during the course of the judicial proceedings arises and negotiations are held.

Legal Abroad can expertly assist and contribute to the claimant and his lawyers in such settlement negotiations and procedures:

  • Legal Abroad members provide legal advice and opinions on the national substantive and procedural law of their country, where the damaging incident took place, if this is required to form the basis of the settlement
  • Legal Abroad members can conduct or assist in the settlement negotiations whenever it is required that these are held in the country where the incident occurred, which may be the case when it is thought that it will be convenient or beneficial for the claimant or where the defendants require that negotiations are held in their own or their local lawyers’ location or where the defendant is a local authority or institution